Friday, May 4, 2012

Sydney trip: After the cube competition!

Despite the competition being over, people still had plenty of energy left! Some of the Melbourne cubers and the organizers from the University of Sydney decided to celebrate the competition at a pub.

I was staying with the Melbourne cubers that night at a hotel we had booked together, so first we went to drop off our stuff. Our hotel was about 1.5 km north of the university. No big deal, in keeping with the spirit of walking everywhere around Sydney, we dragged our suitcases off to the hotel, checked in, and left for the pub. The pub was 1.5 km south of the university.

I didn't mind the walk that much. I was kind of hungry, so I was looking forward to eating dinner at the pub. On our way there, Luke was trying to convince me to drink beer, and I kept saying no.

After a bunch of walking, we finally made it! I happily took a picture of the place.

Unfortunately, there is an hour gap between me taking the picture above, and me actually entering the pub. All the other Melbourne cubers went in, and I followed along. Or tried to. The bouncer stopped me, asking me for ID and telling me "you look too young!" I suppose I could take that as a nice complement, but I had left my ID back in the hotel!

Luke and I walked 3 km all the way back to the hotel. I was tired and hungry, and at that point, didn't really care about thinking before speaking. So naturally I was complaining the whole time. (Luke, thanks for accompanying me and putting up with me, haha!)

We made it back to the hotel. My feet were tired. But we were only half-way there! I got my ID and we headed back on our 3 km journey back to the pub. Urghhh... more complaining!

But somehow we made it there, and I proudly showed the bouncer my ID and went inside.

Luke and I both ordered a warm butternut pumpkin risotto! Yum!

I was tired, but Luke clearly was not:

And by that time, all the Sydney people had been long gone, leaving just the Melbourne cubers:

And... after all that trouble, I gave in to Luke's request, and had a glass of beer! (*gasp!*) First time drinking beer! I think the taste is quite... interesting. I guess I'm not used to it yet. But that was definitely a memorable experience. (Not just the beer itself, but all the trouble I had to go through to drink that glass of beer!)

And guess what happened afterwards? We walked 3 km back to our hotel! I didn't have any trouble sleeping that night!

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