Sunday, January 22, 2012

Finals period... and video games?

Unlike most other schools I know about, Princeton has finals after winter break. Not only that, we have a week and a half of "reading period" before the finals actually take place! This means that instead of finishing the semester in December, Princeton students return to campus for three weeks in January to study and take finals!

The result of this is a period in which everyone is studying and working, and each day goes by slowly. In addition to always reminding myself "Once you get through this month, you'll be off to Australia!", I learned that study breaks are very important for preventing me from going crazy.

For example, after a few hours studying (or arguing about) game theory, B invited Richard and me to his room to play Dance Dance Revolution! But there's a twist...

What is going on here? (Note the reflection in the mirror!)

B's playing DDR, but backwards!

My turn! (playing normally)

Richard's first time playing DDR on a mat!

B playing (without a mirror).

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