Monday, January 23, 2012

Snowball fight! (kind of)

I remember being so excited see all the snow in New Jersey when I came back from winter break a year ago. There was even a tiny igloo in the Whitman courtyard. When I got back this year, there was no igloo. In fact, there was no snow at all! (This was quite disappointing for a Californian like me.)

Fortunately, two weeks into reading period and exams, I woke up one day to see Poe Field outside my room covered in snow. It was quite a surprise!

I woke up Saturday morning, lifted up the shades to let some sunlight in, and saw this!

Taken from the 12th floor of Fine Hall (math department building). My dorm is near the top left corner.

After hours of studying, I decided to go for a nice walk through the snow in the afternoon.

I did get involved a mini-snowball fight. The day after all the snow fell, B threw a snowball at me! I would have thrown one back, except we were indoors! In fact, we were in a classroom along with 50 other students getting ready to take our math exam!

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