Friday, March 30, 2012

Two events by the Melbourne University Overseas Student Service

This week, the Melbourne University Overseas Student Service (MUOSS) hosted two events on campus. The first one was the Student Experience Fair on Tuesday, and the second was the Night Market on Thursday.

The main goal of the fair was to let students know of the different services offered by the university.

There were booths set up by the different departments.
Hmm... I wonder what this long line is for.
Aha! They're giving out free twist potatoes! (Remember these from the Suzuki Night Market?)
Free Red Bull! But I didn't take any because energy drinks scare me
There was also free cotton candy! (An Australian would actually call it "fairy floss"!)
No, I did not stand in line to consume all that sugar! I went to the front of the line, and asked the person making them and to let me take a picture with one. Then I handed the fairy floss off to the student at the front of the line, who probably thought I was crazy.

Anyways, Thursday night was the Night Market. A lot of the student clubs performed and others sold food! There was a nice variety of cultures represented!

Here's the banner in front of all the tents!
So many food booths and so many people!
Taiwanese Student Association!
I think my picture with the Korean booth turned out well!
As you can see by this example (Vietnam), pretty much everything at the market has meet in it. Hmmm...
The Indonesian club had something vegetarian though!
Tahu isi - fried tofu stuffed with vegetables!
Yikes! Here's the wrapper after I finished eating the tofu. I'm not sure why I am smiling...
So much deep frying was going on at the night market! But look! What's inside that pot?
Herbal tea egg! (cha ye dan)
Performances lasted throughout the night.
I ended up only getting the tofu and the egg at the Night Market. There simply wasn't many vegetarian options available. But also, watching the clubs prepare the food also scared me a bit. Maybe watching something being deep fried can make certain people really hungry, but it has the opposite effect for me. Also, I was about to get a cup of sweet potato and tangyuan soup, until I watched the people put a huge block of sugar into the pot. Ahh!

I still had a lot of fun walking around and exploring though! But actually, it turns out the most exciting part of the night wasn't everything I've just shown. I don't think it's fitting to talk about that here, at the end of this entry, so time for another post!

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