Saturday, January 28, 2012

Food around Princeton

I've been I have finally accomplished a goal that I had set since coming to Princeton: go to the gym every day for a week. From January 12 to 18, I found some time to take a study break and exercise! These breaks were nice -- otherwise, I might have become both crazy (from all the studying) and fat (from all the food)!

My roommate's friends were visiting from Maryland, so we all went out to Red Lobster one night.

Visiting the International Food Co-op with Karen and Andrew! (The members of the co-op take turns cooking for each other. The food was great!)

Lunch with some members of the Princeton Rubik's Cube Club. Macky took a nice picture!

My roommate celebrated his birthday at P.F. Chang's with his family and friends!

Dinner at Charter, one of Princeton's eating clubs.

Some of my friends organized a going-away dinner for me at Hu Nan Chinese Restaurant! Thank you guys so much!

This breakfast, from the morning of January 27, was my last meal at Princeton. I left campus shortly afterwards. (I will miss going to all these 7:30am breakfasts.)

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