Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My last few days in Australia, in pictures! (part 1)

My last exam was on the 19th of June (Tuesday). A lot has happened since then, and instead of boring you with a bunch of descriptions, I think I'll just post pictures!

Wednesday 20 June

Resting at home in the morning, and cube club in the afternoon! Sorry, no pictures from that day.

Thursday 21 June

A while back at the MUOSS Student Experience Fair, I won a free day tour of the Mornington Peninsula! But I kept putting it off. Well, I couldn't put it off for too much longer after exams, so I finally went on the tour! The weather was not so good that day, but it was still lots of fun.

From Arthur's Point, you're supposed to be able to see the entire peninsula! But as I learned, this is only possible on a sunny day.

A nice view from Point Nepean National Park!

Beach boxes!

Wine tasting! (What a great view from the winery!) I started feeling a little dizzy after tasting a few wines. I was worried that I was becoming drunk!

Trying out some chocolate at a chocolate factory!

Friday 22 June

Checked out the Visitor Information Centre at Federation Square, and found some souvenir Rubik's cubes! I was looking around for tourist information and for things to do around Melbourne.

There was a nice rainbow in sight from Federation Square!

Saturday 23 June

On the way to the Docklands, I had a nice view of a double rainbow!

Interesting shopping centre!

At the end of the centre, Costco! Since I didn't have a membership, I couldn't get in. I was thinking of the "tag-along method" of getting in, but decided that wasn't a good idea.

There's a nice view of the city from the Docklands

Sunday 24 June

I spent my day at St Kilda!

Every Sunday, St Kilda has an arts and crafts market!

The conservatory at the St Kilda Botanical Gardens!

This store gives you a good idea of how crazy Acland St can be!

Yum, the cakes and pastries in all the bakeries on Acland St look so good!

St Kilda community garden!

Went out to the pier at dusk to look for penguins! I saw some hiding in the rocks, but they were impossible to photograph!

Monday 25 June

Stopped by Saint Patrick's Cathedral on the way to the city

I passed by the Parliament House, and decided to go up the steps. When I did, I realized they were giving free tours of the building!

To get in the building, I had to go through an airport-like security screening. Then I had to wear a sticker. (This changed my jacket from "GAP" into "TAP"!)

Pretending to be the speaker of the Legislative Assembly!

The Legislative Council room is also elaborated decorated!

Lunch with Emily. Yum, curry!

Tuesday 26 June

Flinder St Station

Federation Square. The triangular pattern apparently has a tiling pattern that is related to the mathematician John Conway!

There was an exhibit on film and other media at the ACMI!

Playable Mario games!

Visited the Ian Potter Gallery, which is full of art!
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