Thursday, March 1, 2012

Visiting the Night Market

A few weeks ago, during the Melbourne Welcome orientation program, we visited the Queen Victoria Market during the day. (There a picture of me tasting wine at the market in an earlier post.)

During the summer Wednesday nights, the market is also open, but has a very different feel from the market during the day. Some of my friends from Melbourne Welcome decided to go to the market yesterday, and I went along with them to check it out. It was exciting seeing so many Melbournians and visitors gathered together in one place! There was so much going on!

Immediately when we arrived, we saw performances everywhere!
The market was so crowded!
So many food stands! Because of all the people, walking around and checking out what's available took a long time!
Wow! Look at those gigantic pans cooking fideuà! (Fideuà is like paelle but it uses noodles instead.)
Everything looked great, but I think my mind was set on the fideuà once I saw it!
Here was something of interest. They used machine to cut up a potatoes into spirals, without separating them into pieces. Then they deep fried these potatoes.
Here's the result! I saw so many people with these around the market. (But I didn't get one.)
Unfortunately, this is the last night market of this summer. The next one will take place at the start of the next summer near the end of 2012. Oh well, I guess this means I have to move on and explore other things! I'm glad I got the chance to see this before it ended though.

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