Friday, April 27, 2012

Sydney trip: an overview

Yikes! I have been falling really behind in keeping this blog updated! This is because I have been spending the last few days catching up on schoolwork after returning from Sydney.

Wait... Sydney? Oh yeah, I forgot to say! I went to Sydney last Thursday (4/19) and came back this Monday (4/23). There was a Rubik's cube competition there on Saturday (the Sydney Autumn 2012), so I decided not only to attend, but to spend a few days before and after the competition exploring the city!

It was a very nice trip. Despite Easter break being over, I felt like I was on vacation! Well, actually, my Easter break didn't even feel like a vacation at all, because I was spending most of my time working on the two papers I had. But I finished them just in time for Sydney, so I didn't have to worry about schoolwork during my trip!

I think I'll break up my trip into separate entries so I don't have a super huge blog post. I'll find time to write the other entries in the next few days. For now, here's a picture!

Taking a picture with the Sydney Opera House while on a ferry!
(My camera had a total of 610 pictures of Sydney when I got back! But after removing lots of bad picture, I had 429. Not bad!)

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