Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mock meat restaurants around Melbourne!

I turned in 3 history essays on Monday, and I have a linguistics research paper due next Wednesday. And I also have some exams coming up! Ahhhh! But I don't want to bore you with all the work that I have. (I'm afraid that I might have already done that!)

During this period of intense busyness, I've saved myself from going insane by remembering to step out of the library every once in a while and do something else. Writing this blog right now is a good example. But I don't have time to write a bunch, so I'll put up a bunch of pictures instead. (Actually... isn't that what I usually do anyways? Haha!)

The theme? Eating at mock meat restaurants around Melbourne! You might think, what's the point of mock meat? I don't know myself. As a vegetarian (well, actually a pescatarian), I used to think of mock meat as things like veggie burgers and veggie sausages, which I feel scare a lot of people away from vegetarianism. But the mock meat at these Buddhist vegetarian restaurants is much better. And really fascinating!

Last Friday (1st of June), some friends I met through the Environment Department decided to have dinner at The White Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant

Group photo!
We ordered a variety of "meat" dishes, and they were all delicious!

The mock duck was very convincing!
That was my yummy introduction to mock meat restaurants in Melbourne! And then this Thursday, the tai-chi club went to dinner after class at Enlightened Cuisine, another mock meat restaurant.

We made it to the restaurant!
Group photo!
Soups and appetizers! (Except the appetizers were mostly eaten by the time I took this photo!)
The first main dish came out: sizzling "beef"!
Yay food!
Closer view of all the dishes. Remember, there's not actual meat!
Fried ice cream for dessert! Probably not something I should have often!
Okay, back to work for me...

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