Thursday, February 9, 2012

I've made it!

I titled this blog "Alan's Australian Adventure," but this is my first actual post in Australia! The earlier ones are just to help me get back into the habit and mood for blogging. You can pretend they are not there. (Unless you really want to read them!)

I don't have much time to say much right now because it's late Thursday night, and tomorrow, I'm leaving in the morning for a 4-day orientation program at the University of Melbourne. The program is only for study abroad and exchange students. It's also optional, but I decided that attending would be good for me, even though I think these orientation programs are quite tiring (and a bit scary).

For some reason, I haven't quite felt like taking pictures during my three days here. So, I have one (and only one) picture of myself in Melbourne... This is disappointing, but that will all change soon. I plan to take a bunch during the orientation! And if I don't, you (as in "you the reader") are free to call me a failure. (Don't ask me why I am motivating myself this way. I have no idea!) So, expect a much longer entry when I return from the orientation!

By the way, here is the picture:

Having phở soon after my arrival!

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